The 4 Most Common Mistakes in Building your own FX brokerage

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Launching a Forex brokerage is an exciting business opportunity, but as with any business, it is important to do some preliminary research on how to become a Forex broker and then compile a forex brokerage business plan that includes important details such as where to register your brokerage and what trading instruments you will offer. You should also consider whether you should start your own brokerage or use a white label solution. Here are four blunders to avoid when launching a forex brokerage firm.

Failure to Define Your Target Market:

It is critical to first define your target region. Identifying your customers’ locations will assist you in determining the best jurisdiction in which to register your Forex brokerage. This is significant because licensing requirements in this industry vary by country. There are many jurisdictions for Forex companies, including Cyprus, which serves many traders worldwide, as well as others such as the FCA, BVI, and Cayman Islands, among others. All the factors regarding the geographical market must be considered before making a decision. So, it is important to have a proper target market defined before you get into the business.

Lack of startup capital and not connecting with a liquidity provider:

The amount of capital required is usually determined by the jurisdiction, but you should be aware that regardless of their requirements, the cost of establishing a Forex brokerage is high, so make sure you have enough money to cover your expenses, ideally for the first year of operations. Liquidity is the key to a successful Forex brokerage, so connecting with a leading liquidity provider is critical. Because you will need to provide leverage to your clients, it is recommended that you connect with a reputable Forex liquidity provider.

Not partnering with a payment processor:

To compete effectively in the market, you will need to partner with reputable payment service providers, as well as offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to make it as convenient as possible for your clients. Furthermore, if you intend to sell cryptocurrencies, you may want to consider integrating a cryptocurrency payment gateway to allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency payments online.

Not giving sufficient pre-launch time:

Allow enough time for a focus group of your potential customers to test the trading platform, payment processing systems, mobile app, and other technical aspects before your brokerage goes live. This will allow you to identify and address any concerns before going live. You are ready to go live once you have completed these steps and created an effective marketing campaign.

Many businesses prefer the forex brokerage for sale approach due to the lengthy processes and complexities involved in establishing a Forex brokerage from scratch. This is known as a white label solution in the correct terminology – essentially forex brokerage software that has already been thoroughly tested and proven to work. A significant benefit of using a white label is that you avoid dealing with technical requirements, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. A Forex white label cost has lower overall operating expenses because you won’t have to meet capital requirements because you won’t be processing trading operations. Furthermore, you pay far less for a licence than you would if you developed it yourself. You can avoid the potential pitfalls of doing it yourself by partnering with Sanfrix and implementing a professional, ready-made solution in around 3 weeks. As a result, the cost of an MT5 White Label is significantly lower than the cost of starting a Forex brokerage from scratch.

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