Comparison of the MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 platforms: Which suits your brokerage?

December 21, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you trade forex, you’re probably familiar with the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. These forex trading software solutions are among the most popular trading platforms for a wide range of traders and advisors, owing to the value of their tools and resources for evaluating positions and taking action. Although their names imply that […]

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Setup checklist to maintain a brokerage firm for trading cryptocurrency and forex

November 1, 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maintaining a brokerage firm for trading forex and cryptocurrency can be as exciting as excruciating it is, only you have to do some groundwork and compose a business plan consisting of crucial features to ace the game. This article brings out a setup checklist for you to maintain a brokerage firm for trading cryptocurrency and […]

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Millennial Investors – A Broker’s guide on how to attract them

October 8, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes Born into the digital era, millennials are in the seat of authority of innovations. Millennials, especially those between the ages of 23 and 36, happened to be the first generation to experience almost everything digital. With that being said, let’s analyze the qualities that a millennial investor will be expecting from the brokerages they choose […]

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Foremost advantages of Turnkey Forex Broker Solutions

September 17, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes One must know how to break the ground while entering the Forex market with the help of well-versed and experienced successful companies and will empower you to abstain from the usual mistakes and especially learn how you can cut your expenses. The forex market remains a promising destination for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter, whereas one […]

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How to find the best solution for Customer Relationship Management for Forex Brokerages

September 8, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important areas for a firm to outshine its fellow Forex Brokerages. However, most Forex brokers use the same trading platform and offer a similar range of services to their customers; maintaining a robust broker management system will elevate your company’s standard and can positively influence […]

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Three decisions that help you to develop your forex brokerage business

August 31, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes Table of Contents Steer clear of other’s opinions on the trades Practice Record every trade you make When it comes to improving the quality of trading, most traders think of “Putting in hours” to develop the standard of their trade by spending ample amounts of time around the markets, reading books, taking up courses, and […]

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White label for Brokers from scratch: Everything that needs to be taken care of

July 29, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes White label is the first thing that pops up in the mind of any futures broker who plans to step into the business starting their own company. White label trading brokerage providers are there to take care of the technical side of the business; it empowers the broker to focus entirely on the commercial part […]

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Client Management for brokers: tools that enhance your client satisfaction

July 24, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes The success of a brokerage firm depends on several factors, including Client Management. Brokers are constantly searching for ingenious technology to provide the best pricing, secure transactions, and reliable service. Nevertheless, many brokers often fail to spot the potential benefits they can obtain through the right software and automation when it comes to Client Management. […]

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MT4 vs. MT5 – Here’s why you need to switch

July 9, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes MT4 has been the pacemaker since its launch way back in 2005 beyond any shadow of a doubt, and it has been the most famous platform among the traders; and an inevitable choice for most FX brokers. The impulse of its success has made MT4 become the industry standard, but despite the brimming advantages, MT4 […]

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Significant Challenges Faced by Forex Brokerage Firms Today

July 2, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the last fifty years, the financial markets across the globe have enormously changed with digital technology evolution, particularly in computerization. Sequentially the role of a forex broker has changed beyond boundaries upon the arrival of digital technologies. Forex brokers started to opt online and provide easy currency trades and profits for experts and ordinary […]

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