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What Forex Brokerages Should Look For in a Forex Trading Platform

November 15, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes While we assume most of you already understand, let’s quickly relook at what a trading platform is. What is a Forex Trading Platform? A forex trading platform is a software that enables trading, such as opening, closing, and managing market positions through a financial institution such as a forex brokerage. These trading platforms may also […]

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CRM features for your Forex Brokerage

Top 8 Must-Have Features For a Forex CRM in 2020

September 14, 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is no surprise that the CRM software market is the biggest software market in the world with projections of 80 billion dollars in revenue by 2025. Pretty much every industry considers a robust CRM software a ‘must-have’, and the forex brokerage industry is no exception. With several players in the market, forex brokerage as […]

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fore brokerage solution

7 Tactics for Successful Brokerage while choosing your Forex Liquidity Provider

September 9, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have clicked on this link, I assume that you are either an individual forex trader, brokerage or enabler in the forex market seeking to understand what to look for in a forex liquidity provider. Rest easy and read up, you are at the right place! Now, before getting down to brass tacks, let’s […]

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forex brokerage solutions

Starting Your Own Forex Brokerage in 2020 ? Hacks to Succeed

August 12, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’re probably here because you’re considering opening a forex brokerage. So what makes this business so appealing after all? The rise in the number of traders. Yes, the fact that people can make more money sitting at home or traveling around the world rather than clocking in to an office makes this 3 trillion dollars […]

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how to Open own Forex brokerage

Now is the Time to Open Your Offshore Forex Brokerage

June 5, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes The era of the internet and globalization has made it easier than ever to create aspiring online businesses with a global audience. Among these booming businesses that have benefited from technological development are forex brokers. The forex market offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to enter the largest financial market in the world, with a […]

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How to Choose the Right Fx Brokerage to Suit Your Own Trading Needs | Start Own Forex Brokerage

June 5, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are a large number of Forex brokers in the retail and Institutional spaces these days, each touting their services as the best in the market. Due to the vast diversity of options, it is not possible to speak of a broker who is perfect for all kinds of traders. Instead, you should carefully consider […]

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how to start forex brokerage

Forex Trading, An Overview

June 5, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes Trading is a process done by an entrepreneur with the desire of profit. Each trade, whether it is trading for an entity, trading for goods and services or even trading in the old barter system all leads to the ultimate destiny, profit. Forex Trading is another kind of trading where you trade currency. Forex in […]

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Provider for Forex Brokerage

June 5, 2019

Reading Time: 1 minute Why some forex brokers succeed and others don’t and How to be a successful broker?  Most broker will Fail in forex and quit within a year. They will simply say, forex trading is tough and you cannot win in trading. To be forex broker successfully, Sanfrix is the best practical solution.Please follow and like […]

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